I've made a few of these over the years! They're all a "Work In Progress", who knows how far I'll ever go in any of these. They're mostly 1) a jumping off point for worldbuilding and 2) an excuse to learn more about linguistics etc. Also 3) it's just fun to do =P

Collected here for your viewing pleasure!

Mahar is a fantasy world I've been working on and off for years now. I really enjoy doing my worldbuilding through language!

>> Agmārian <<
Proto-language to Akanā.
>> Akanā <<
Language spoken by the people of Āgmar.
>> Anissian <<
Language spoken by the Anissian nations.
>> Zerse <<
Language spoken by the underground clans of Zerse.

Because I'm a huge nerd, I've started working on some conlangs for my "Oops! All Monsters" DnD campaign.

>> Neogi <<
Language spoken by the Neogi.
>> Beholder <<
Haven't worked on it yet, but planning to. Some ideas are listed on there.
>> Common <<
Need to finish Beholder first, since in this world, Common is a creole of Neogi and Beholder.
>> Grung <<
Surface level, don't think I'll go deeper than that. Mostly just enough to do some in-universe signage and stuff.

The ones that don't belong anywhere specific.

>> La Hiold <<
Something otherworldly. My first real conlang.
>> unknown <<
found this in my drafts??