This is the first conlang I started seriously working on (I had made a few alphabets for fun before, but not actually going into the nitty gritty of making a language). It's so old the document is in French since I wasn't fluent in English yet! If you'd like to hear me sing in this conlang, check out this video and also this one. (although the text itself isn't accurate anymore)

I have revamped some of it as I was writing this page from my notes, since the tenses were a mess. I just had all the French tenses listed and made up new words for the conlang equivalent without really thinking about what these meant/how they worked.


I am not listing the sounds from this, cause it's supposed to be chaotic and weird to pronounce, since it's spoken by non-human creatures that don't follow the normal rules of physics.


Likely SVO since I based it off French. This is definitely where my love of agglutination comes from.