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Digital Works

Someone on tumblr asked if my OC Anki was based on a fox, because "for whatever reason I imagine [her] being sent by firefox to kill ads and trackers before they reach computers".

Now, she isn't, she's a cat, but I liked the image, and drew it with firefox as her boss.

Digital drawing of Anki, a brown and ginger cat, dressed in a black coat and hat, holding a sniper rifle, aiming at something out of frame. A speech bubble with the firefox logo says 'Take the shot', and she replies 'On it'.

One thing leading to another, I started drawing a fox anthro inspired by the firefox logo...

A ballpoint sketch of a thin fox anthro lady, wearing a small light top, a slim pair of trousers, long stilleto heels, and a scarf across her arms. She's wearing a large round earring reminescent of the earth on the firefox logo.The same lineart, cleaned up digitally and colorized, matching the colors of the firefox logo, in oranges, blues, and a little purple.

And leading to the addition of Ms. Tremes to Anki's backstory.

Brush pen drawing scanned and colorized digitally. Ms Tremes is holding a wild kitten (who appears to be a young Anki) at arms reach, and saying 'No hissing' as the kitten loudly hisses at her. Brush pen drawing scanned and colorized digitally. Ms Tremes is looking over disappointedly at a teenage Anki who is barring her teeth angrily, her red clothes torn up. Tremes is saying 'Oh hon, you're a mess.'

Basically, Anki was picked up as a stray kitten and Tremes tried to raise her, but she was very rebellious and kept running away, sometimes disappearing for months or years, before crawling back to Tremes for help.

She had to resort to violent crimes to survive, and probably had a lot of anger and rage, Tremes saw that and trained her to become an assassin. She mellowed with age, and with help from therapy to work through her issues, she became very good at her job (at first contracts from Tremes, then becoming independent).

She only got adopted legally as an adult and took the name Tremes then, became very sociable and proper in public, but is more snarky and wild on the job, which is more true to herself.

All that by making her mom firefox lmao

And since I've been drawing Anki, I've of course drawn some Opal to go along with. Her kinda wolf biker girlfriend who has hypno eyes.

Brush pen drawing scanned and colorized digitally. Opal is a light brown and purple wolf, with a white tuft of fur on her chest. Her eyes are three rings of cyan, magenta, and yellow. On her neck is a black choker with a big opal. She's wearing a little black dress with exposed shoulders and a high leg slit. Brush pen drawing scanned and colorized digitally. Opal in the same black dress, and Anki in a similar red dress. Anki is holding Opal by one the hip, and has slipped a finger under her choker, pulling it towards her, while Opal's head is thrown back, her eyes closed. Brush pen drawing scanned and colorized digitally. Opal is standing in a simple two piece swimsuit, while Anki is behind her, her head in the crook of her neck, one arm around her waist, and her other hand holding Opal's crotch.

... yeah, they're a little horny like that.

Also Spoon did a swap meme around this time so of course I had to throw the two of them at it.

Digital art in four panels featuring Opal and Anki. The four panels are labeled Outfit Swap, Species Swap, Matching Outfits, and Body Swap.

And that's it for the gay furries update!