Welcome to the AJ zone!

I started this site to store some coding stuff, and expended with even more stuff! I'm mainly a visual artist, and you can find some of my comics on here. I'm also a big language nerd, even though linguistics hurt my head sometimes ; I love making conlangs though!
Don't forget to take a peek at my scrapbook, and check my links!

Have a nice time in the AJ zone!

26/12/23 I made a >> blog << where you can read all about my latest creative endeavours!
01/12/22 Added >> Writing << section, with links to >> Golden World << and to >> Nouvelles <<. Functionning link to Fanfics coming eventually.
20/09/22 Updated >> Boulevard << episode 5.
19/09/22 Edited the conlangs page + changed some fonts.
18/09/22 Finally made this a working website!